Google Chrome for Android Now Allows Users to View Saved Passwords

Google Chrome for Android Now Allows Users to View Saved Passwords

One of the prominent features missing in Google Chrome for Android was the ability to view saved passwords. This has been a feature in the desktop version of Chrome for quite a while, but hasn’t been a part of the Android app until now. Luckily, that’s no longer the case as Google has addressed this limitation by introducing the ability in Chrome 62.

Now, for the first time, Chrome for Android users have the ability to view stored passwords. Before this, users who wished to view the saved passwords had to go to the official Google passwords website and re-authenticate themselves with their Google password. It goes without saying that it would only work for those who were already signed in to Chrome with their Google account. In Chrome 62, users no longer need to sign in to Chrome to view saved passwords.


Chrome will ask to save your login usernames and passwords for the various websites you visit. If and when you consent to save them, it will automatically complete the sign-in fields for you the next time you visit the respective websites. This feature obviates the hassle of remembering different usernames/passwords and of manually filling out the login form. This also helps people who don’t prefer using party apps for saving their usernames and passwords.

The specific steps to manage and view the saved passwords in Chrome are:

  1. Open the Google Chrome app.
  2. Touch Chrome menu
  3. Touch Settings > Save passwords.

Under the passwords there will be a list of websites associated to your saved passwords. Users can view the saved passwords by tapping on the respective websites and copy them as per their convenience. The saved password can be deleted by clicking on the trash icon on top right-hand side of the screen.

Note that this will only be visible when the option of save password is ticked to “on”. The other point to be noted is that users will be asked to confirm their lock screen security before they can view a saved password. Users can only view their saved passwords if they have enabled lock screen security in the first place. As a security measure, Google also does not allow users to take screenshot of passwords in text format.

It should also be noted that saving your passwords to your device presents some obvious security issues. If someone gets a hold of your device and has access to your device’s lock screen security, then they will be able to log into any account that Google Chrome remembers, consequently endangering your privacy and security.

Via: Android World (Italian)

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