Google Chrome for Android is testing a custom share sheet in Canary

Google Chrome for Android is testing a custom share sheet in Canary

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In a bid to making sharing webpages a simpler and more straightforward process, Google is testing a new share UI for Chrome on Android. The new UI is currently available as a flag in the latest Chrome Canary release and it gives you the option to share webpages using a QR code, by copying the link, or just by sending them over to your other device. Along with these three options, the new share UI has a “more” button that opens up the system share sheet. The new UI replaces the current Android share UI that pops up when you tap on the Share button in the menu.

Chrome for Android new Share UI

As reported by Techdows, you can enable this new share UI by first updating to Chrome Canary version 81.0.4005.0 or higher. Then, you’ll have to visit the chrome://flags page on the updated browser and search for the “Chrome Sharing Hub” flag. Select enable from the drop-down menu below the flag and then relaunch the browser to enable the new UI. In case you’re not able to relaunch Canary successfully, you’ll have to head over to the Chrome Canary app info page and force stop the app. After that, when you launch the app again you’ll be able to access the new share UI.

In the current build of Chrome Canary, the QR code button in the new UI doesn’t generate a QR code but the other two options work just as expected. The report also reveals that Google might even add a screenshot feature in the share UI, but we currently have no confirmation regarding the same. Since this new UI is still limited to Chrome Canary, it will be quite a while before Google releases it on the stable version of the browser.

Source: Techdows