Google Chrome may get audio controls similar to Android 11

Google Chrome may get audio controls similar to Android 11

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One of the most noticeable features in Android 11 is the new Media Controls. With the release of Android 11 Beta 2, the new controls became enabled by default. Besides looking nice and having their own dedicated spot in the Quick Controls panel, they have a button to switch media output between connected devices. Google Chrome may get this feature as well.

Google Chrome has had its own similar-looking media controls for a little while now. We previously wrote about the media controls gaining the ability to pop-out into a floating overlay. Recently, a new flag for Chrome’s media controls was discovered that allows for the selection of an audio output device. It’s very similar to the new Android 11 media controls feature.

The Chrome flag is called “Seamless Transfer” and the idea is basically the same as what we’re seeing in Android 11. Connected devices appear in Chrome’s media controls and users can easily switch the output between them. Screenshots show the media controls with buttons for connected headphones and Chrome itself. It’s not clear at this time if this will support casting devices as well.

It’s not super surprising to see Android features make their way over to Chrome OS/Chrome browser. Over the last couple of years, Google has brought many Android-like features over to the platform. For Google to have a cohesive ecosystem of products, it’s important that everything works well together and has a clear vision. Currently, the Seamless Transfer feature is present in the Canary build of Chrome.

Source: Chrome Story