Google Chrome may soon get biometric authentication for payments on Android

Google Chrome may soon get biometric authentication for payments on Android

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A couple of months ago, users discovered that Google Chrome for desktop supported “Windows Hello” for payment authentication. That means people could use their fingerprint or face to authorize payments on a Windows PC. Not many people have computers with fingerprint or face unlock yet, but most of us have those biometric security methods available on our phones. Now, we’re learning that Google Chrome may soon bring this feature to Android as well.

A new Chrome flag titled “Allow using platform authenticators to retrieve server cards” has appeared in recent builds of the mobile browser. When enabled, the flag will allow people to “use a platform authenticator” when verifying cards from Google Pay. Essentially, you’ll use our fingerprint/face to verify a card rather than typing in the CVC number. The flag description says it is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android.

When the flag is enabled, there is a new option in the Chrome for Android payment settings. People can select “Screen lock” as an additional payment confirmation method. The next time a pop up asks for a credit card’s CVC, there will be a checkbox to “Use screen lock to confirm cards from now on.” From that point on, you won’t be asked to enter your CVC. Unfortunately, the feature isn’t completely functional yet as checking that box doesn’t do anything.

We should also note that the setting is called “Screen lock,” so it may not even require fingerprint or face unlock. As with any Chrome flag, there’s the possibility that this feature never rolls out fully, but with Chrome supporting Windows Hello, it would make sense to see this on other platforms. With so many smartphones supporting these biometric authentication systems, it’s great to see more apps take advantage of them.

Via: Android Police