Google Chrome Canary now lets you check for compromised passwords

Google Chrome Canary now lets you check for compromised passwords

Back in October last year, Google introduced a slew of privacy features for Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Chrome. This included a Password Checkup feature for Chrome, which would allow users to check if any of their passwords had been compromised in a public data breach. Now, the company is rolling out the feature in Google Chrome for Android.

According to a recent report from Techdows, the latest update for Google Chrome Canary introduces a new “Bulk password check” flag. Once enabled, the flag adds a new option in the browser settings called “Check passwords.” Tapping on the new Check passwords option scans all stored passwords and alerts users if their password has been compromised in a data breach.


In case you wish to try out the new feature on your device, you can download the latest version of Google Chrome Canary from the Play Store link below. Once you have the browser installed on your device, you’ll need to visit the chrome://flags page and search for the “Bluk password check” flag. Then, after you enable the flag and restart the browser, you should see the new “Check password” option within the “Passwords” setting on the browser.

Along with the Password Checkup feature, the Chrome Canary update also introduces the browser’s Safety Check feature to the Android version. In order to use the Safety Check feature on Android, you’ll first need to enable the “Safety Check on Android” flag and then restart the browser. You should then see a new Safety check option in the browser settings which will help keep you safe from data breaches, unsafe websites, and more.

Chrome Canary (Unstable)
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Source: Techdows

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