Google Chrome prepares to add cross-platform clipboard sharing

Google Chrome prepares to add cross-platform clipboard sharing

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Like many other applications these days, Google Chrome is no stranger to a beta program. It’s the usual story: you get the latest cutting-edge features in exchange for a more unstable application. The latest Chrome betas have been pretty interesting. We’ve finally seen an implementation of an application-wide dark theme – though this did have some issues. The latest version in the Canary stream (which is the least stable but most frequently updated) adds two new flags: chrome://flags#shared-clipboard-receiver and chrome://flags#shared-clipboard-ui.

While the flag names are pretty explicit, the Chromium Gerrit further confirms that they relate to an upcoming Shared Clipboard feature. Commit number 1741814 is titled “Feature flags for Shared Clipboard feature.” This all but confirms the feature we know has been coming for a while. Furthermore, what with the clipboard changes coming in Android Q, it’ll be interesting to see how this new Shared Clipboard feature will work with that.

Shared Clipboard flags

The image above shows the actual code in Chrome and this gives a little more insight into how the feature will work. Instead of just automatically copying your clipboard to all devices – which would probably be a security nightmare – it seems that there will be an option to share your clipboard at any given moment. It appears that the receiving device will also have to choose to accept the shared clipboard.

Apart from these flags, there’s no sign of the Shared Clipboard feature coming anytime soon. That being said, the first place to get it will undoubtedly be the Canary update stream, so if you can’t wait, be sure to opt into that. If you’re unsure about how to do that, then you can find a download here.