Google Chrome may soon automatically fetch discounts coupons for you

Google Chrome may soon automatically fetch discounts coupons for you

Google Chrome is working on a new feature that may help you save money while shopping online. This new feature will automatically fetch discount coupons for items saved in your shopping cart, saving you both time and money.

Folks over at Chrome Story have spotted a new commit on Chromium Gerrit that reveals a new shopping feature in development. As per the commit, it looks like Google Chrome will automatically fetch website-specific discount coupons and codes at the time of checking out.

Enable to fetch for retail coupons: Allow to fetch retail coupons for consented users

Though the commit for the feature has been merged, the feature flag isn’t currently live in any Chrome channel. Usually, new features and experiments first arrive on the Chrome Canary channel before making their way to the Beta and Stable channels. If everything goes as planned, we can expect to see the coupon feature in a future Chrome Canary release.


The discount coupon feature is part of Google’s broader push to improve the overall shopping experience in Chrome. At Google I/O 2021, Google announced they had teamed up with Shopify to make it easier for merchants to feature their products across Google. Google also detailed a feature that would display your open shopping carts from across different websites right on the home tab. This feature is currently available in Chrome Canary and can be enabled by toggling the following flag: chrome://flags/#ntp-shopping-tasks-module.

Apart from displaying your shopping carts on the home page, Chrome is also working on a price-tracking feature that sends users real-time notifications about price fluctuations on select shopping sites. The feature was rolled out as part of Chrome 90, though it remains non-functional and hidden behind a flag.

Most of the above shopping features are still a work-in-progress. We’ll keep an eye out for further development and let you know if we learn anything new.

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