Google Chrome gets Drive suggestions on its new tab page

Google Chrome gets Drive suggestions on its new tab page

Google has announced that Chrome will be getting Drive suggestions on its new tab page, making it easier to find the files that you need. Previously, it was possible to search for files in your Google Drive from the search bar. Now, though, relevant files with be surfaced in a card below the search bar on the new tab page.

Google Chrome New Tab Page for Drive

Google announced the feature today on its workspace updates feed and explained how it shows you the highest priority files you may have opened recently or files that you may want to look at soon. The thinking behind the introduction of the Drive page to the new tab page is that users can quickly and efficiently access files that they may need, rather than delving through their Drive storage. Info shown includes recent interactions with the file, the file type, and the name of the file.


Google Chrome new tab page Drive suggestions request

The feature is enabled by default for everyone unless you have changed your new tab experience change at all. Users can also disable Google Drive file suggestions if they want to, and admins can disable it for members of their organization. Regular users can enable it or disable it by clicking the “customize Chrome” button in the bottom right of the new tab page.

Google recently announced Chrome 94, which brings a lot of new features to the table. The biggest is HTTPS-First mode, which attempts to force pages to use HTTPS. If they don’t support it, then a full-screen warning will be displayed to the user. Chrome 94 also adds a new Chrome Sharing Hub on the desktop that allows users to copy links, generate QR codes, and save pages right from the address bar.

Google Chrome’s Drive suggestions are beginning to roll out now and may take up to 15 days to reach all users.

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