Google introduces new Chrome features to boost your productivity

Google introduces new Chrome features to boost your productivity

Google has announced a handful of new features coming to Chrome. The new additions are all about boosting your productivity, from new PDF reader features to naming your browser windows.

In a blog post on Thursday, Google highlighted a number of the features, some of which the company has already touched upon, like the browser’s improved performance. Thanks to a recent update, active tabs are now prioritized over tabs you aren’t using, resulting in up to 35 percent reduction in CPU usage.

Building on Chrome’s tab freezing feature, Google said it’ll soon launch tab freezing for groups that are collapsed (and tabs that are hidden). Tabs that are in a collapsed group will use less memory and CPU, which should provide users with a smoother, more optimized experience. Google said this feature will launch soon in beta.


Meanwhile, Google said the process of sharing specific text on a page will be a little easier. Google is adding a “link to highlight” feature that will allow you to highlight text you want to share, right-click the window, and choose “Copy link to highlight.” Once you send the link, the person who opens it will see the exact section you highlighted. The feature is rolling out now on desktop and Android and coming soon to iOS.

Chrome is also rolling out new PDF reader features. There’s now a sidebar to browse the PDF’s thumbnails, and there’s also a presentation mode, which removes all on-screen distractions, including toolbars, the address bar, and tabs. Additionally, Chrome has added document properties, two-page view, and an updated top toolbar in an effort to make viewing PDFs a more enjoyable experience.

Speaking of presentations, Google said you can now mute notifications when presenting or sharing Chrome windows. Once you’re done presenting, notifications will be unmuted. The new feature is designed to cut down on distractions and let you focus on the task at hand.

Finally, Google said it’s adding a feature that will allow users to name Chrome windows. Not to be confused with tab groups, the window naming feature will let you name each of your windows, which Google said should help users stay more organized. The company said you can press alt+tab to switch windows or right-click on a tab and select “Move to another window.” Window naming joins a recently added tab search feature that was previously announced.

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