Google rolls out Chrome OS 85 with Wi-Fi Sync, simpler settings, and a mic slider

Google rolls out Chrome OS 85 with Wi-Fi Sync, simpler settings, and a mic slider

Chrome OS is the main USP of Chromebooks, riding upon a perennially-connected internet ecosystem to offer users the OS experience. While the upstream Chromium OS is open-source and can be compiled from the source code, Chrome OS is only available pre-installed on hardware from Google manufacturing partners. As such, you do need to rely on official updates reaching your Chromebook from Google. After v84, Google is now rolling out Chrome OS 85 with Wi-Fi Sync, simpler settings, and a mic slider, helping you avoid headaches in your daily routine.

Wi-Fi Sync on Chrome OS

The latest Chrome OS update brings along Wi-Fi Sync, making it easier to access the same set of Wi-Fi networks across Chromebooks. Now, when you enter a Wi-Fi password on your personal profile on one Chromebook, that info is securely saved with your account when you log in to another Chromebook. The Wi-Fi passwords become part of your profile’s keychain, making the feature very useful for users who share multiple Chromebooks.


Simpler Settings

Chromebook Settings is now getting simpler and smarter on Chrome OS. It now incorporates an improved design and more intelligent search model which displays results for matching settings as well as related suggestions, even if you used different terms in the query.

Google also promises that soon you will be able to search through Settings from the Launcher, following up on Google’s vision to have the Launcher work like an “everything button” that can access Google Search, Drive, Settings, apps, local files, and more.

Mic Slider

Chrome OS is also adding in the ability to more easily control the volume of their voice on video chats through a new mic slider. This new mic slider can be accessed from Quick Settings to control how soft or loud the user sounds on calls.

Pause and resume video recording

Chrome OS is also getting the ability to pause and resume video recording in the Camera app on Chromebooks, and also take a still snapshot while recording. Videos are automatically saved in .mp4 format, which makes it easy to share.

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