Google Chrome prepares to track your media playback history

Google Chrome prepares to track your media playback history

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Over the last couple of months, Google has added a number of features to Chrome to offer users a better media playback experience. Back in December last year, Google Chrome received a new media control tool with support for Chromecast and early last month, they started testing a new picture-in-picture button in the media control center. Now, it appears that Google is preparing to add another new feature that will help you track your media playback history in the browser.

We’ve recently spotted a series of commits in the Chromium Gerrit with the tag “media-history”. The feature, as its name suggests, will allow you to easily access your media playback history just like you access your browser history currently. The feature is currently being tested and is gated behind the flag chrome://flags#media-history. As with the browser history, the feature will give you to option to delete media URLs from media history and it will do so automatically when you delete an item from the Chrome History.

As of now, a basic web UI for the feature is available at chrome://media-history, but it’s quite barebones and not intended for users yet. It’s possible, however, that Google will continue iterating on the UI and may roll out media history as a separate page. It’s also quite possible that Google might integrate the new feature as a separate list in Chrome History. For now, Google has released no official information about this upcoming feature but we expect the company to make an announcement once the feature is close to its launch.

Source: Chromium Gerrit