Google’s new Suspicious Site Reporter Chrome extension lets users report sites to make the web safer

Google’s new Suspicious Site Reporter Chrome extension lets users report sites to make the web safer

While Google Chrome may be the go-to browser for many, lots of people would argue that it isn’t the best when it comes to security. It’s true that there are browsers more up to the task of protecting your privacy than Google Chrome, such as Mozilla Firefox, but others may not be as feature packed or as integrated into your life as Chrome can be. Google is now taking a step towards protecting the web by introducing its new Suspicious Site Reporter Chrome extension. Along with the extension, Google is also launching a new warning to protect users from deceptive URLs with Chrome 75.

The detection of deceptive URLs will be made part of the Safe Browsing experience, which is on by default on every Google Chrome installation. It primarily helps users avoid phishing, though it has other uses as well, including notifying webmasters if their site may have been compromised. The way it works is pretty clever, as Google scans the URL and compares it to previous sites you have frequented. If it looks close to another site, you’ll be warned that it may not be the site that you think it is. It’s not a perfect system though, which is where Suspicious Site Reporter comes in. If you come across a site that appears to pose a threat, you can check the Suspicious Site Reporter for some more information. You can then report it if need be.

If you want to give these new features a try, you can upgrade to the latest version of Google Chrome and install the new Suspicious Site Reporter from the Chrome Web Store.

“We believe that you shouldn’t have to be a security expert to feel safe on the web, and that many Chrome power-users share our mission to make the web more secure for everyone,” Google said in their announcement.

Source: Google

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