Google Chrome will start offering to sync saved credit cards with Google Pay

Google Chrome will start offering to sync saved credit cards with Google Pay

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If you’re a frequent online shopper (who isn’t these days?), quick access to your credit card is very important. Walking across the room to get your card is an inconvenience. It can bring your better judgment to the forefront and put an end to a frivolous purchase. We can’t have that, which is why Chrome’s Autofill feature can save your credit card info. However, a new integration with Google Pay will make it even easier.

Currently, Chrome Autofill and Google Pay exist with minimal synchronization. G Pay is a service that some websites have implemented for checkout. Chrome Autofill, on the other hand, works on almost every website because it’s the same as filling in a saved password. Right now, cards saved in Google Pay can be synced with the browser’s Autofill feature, but not vice versa. A recent commit talks about making that possible.

This project is to offer users an option to upload chrome local credit cards to Google Pay server. This bubble UI is the entry point of the entire flow. It should be anchored to a credit card icon in the location bar and be shown from it.

The commit talks about a UI for “local card migration flow.” Users who already have cards saved in Chrome Autofill will be able to merge them over to Google Pay. Chrome Autofill has been around much longer than G Pay, plus Chrome has a lot more users. Google likely wants to get more people using Google Pay and this could be an easy way to get people to move over. It’s possible that Google Pay will replace the credit card feature of Autofill, but that’s just speculation.