Chrome sync will soon be optional for Google Account sign-ins and password management

Chrome sync will soon be optional for Google Account sign-ins and password management

Google has published a new post on its Chromium blog that explains how users will soon have a more seamless payments and password management experience in Chrome. One way Google is looking to improve the experience is by making Chrome sync optional for Google Account sign-ins and password management.

Google explains that in the past, when you saved your payment information and passwords to your Google Account, accessing this information wasn’t always easy in Chrome unless you had Chrome sync enabled on the device you were using. Google made an effort to change that last year, and it’s making even more improvements to the experience by making seamless payments and password management available to all signed-in users whether they’re using Chrome sync or not.


Chrome sync optional

Going forward, Google is going to make it easier than ever to sign in on Android. With a new single tap feature, you’ll be able to sign in to one of your Google Accounts on the device you’re using without having to re-enter your credentials. As a result, the new single tap option will allow users to autofill their payment information stored in their Google Account.

This makes the experience of buying stuff online a lot easier. All you’ll have to do is confirm your card’s CVC or use biometric authentication. Users will also be able to save a new credit card to their account to use it across all their devices.

On that same note, Google will soon allow Chrome users on the desktop to access their saved passwords from their Google Account.

Chrome sync password

“Over the next couple of months, accessing and managing your passwords safely across your devices will become even easier,” Google said. “This can all be done simply by signing in to your Google Account, regardless of whether sync is enabled. You’ll be able to autofill passwords on sites that you previously saved to your account, and when you save a new password, Chrome will let you choose where you want to save it — on the device or in your Google Account.”

Google said with this new change it plans on bringing Chrome’s password generation feature to even more users.

All these updates should arrive over the next few months. The changes join a much larger update to Chrome on the desktop that introduced several performance enhancements and new features, including tab search.

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