Google Chrome Gets VR Web Browsing Capabilities for Daydream, Starting with Chrome 61

Google Chrome Gets VR Web Browsing Capabilities for Daydream, Starting with Chrome 61

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It’s pretty evident that Google is completely invested into making their Daydream VR platform a compelling alternative to other competing virtual reality platforms like Samsung’s Gear VR. They eventually want most (if not all) Android flagship phones to be Daydream-certified in order to make Daydream the go-to virtual reality platform for Android devices. And with the release of yet another Daydream View headset in the horizon as well as updated requirements, it’s clear that they’re betting big on this platform. With the latest release of Google Chrome, they’re expanding Daydream’s capabilities even more.

Chrome team member François Beaufort has taken to Google+ to announce that VR web browsing capabilities are coming to Chrome, with basic support already coming with the latest Chrome 61 stable build. This Google Chrome release allows users to view and interact with pretty much any website in VR mode, as well as allowing users to follow links between pages, and move between 2D and immersive mode on websites which support the WebVR standard. Some other basic things, like web searching and text entry, are not yet implemented, but it’s still a work in progress after all.

As we just said, the latest stable Google Chrome release already comes with these capabilities, so if you have a Daydream device and want to check this out, just navigate to any website you like and simply put your phone into your Daydream View headset to see the website in VR mode. There’s no need to enable any hidden toggles this time around. Mr. Beaufort says that it’s just the beginning for web browsing in VR, and seeing how limited it is in its current version, it’s pretty obvious that it will need some polishing before it’s actually ready for prime-time. However, we are still pretty excited about the possibilities of this, and we’re also excited to see Google double down and improve the capabilities of its VR offering. More improvements are on the way, and we’ll keep you informed about every single one of them.

Source: Google+