Want to know what’s new in Chrome? Google will soon make that easier

Want to know what’s new in Chrome? Google will soon make that easier

Google Chrome routinely gets updated with new features and improvements. While some changes are easily noticeable, such as revamped profiles, for example, some tend to be subtle. Given the pace at which Google rolls out new changes to Chrome, it might be hard for many users to stay up to date with various improvements and features that get added with each new major release. Google is aware of this, and to make it easier for users to discover the latest features and changes introduced in Chrome, a dedicated “What’s New in Chrome” page will soon be added in the browser.

This new page will showcase (via Chrome Unboxed) the newly added Chrome features. In addition, it will also show tips and demonstrations on how to get started using various features to get the most out of them.


What's new in Chrome page

The What’s New in Chrome” page is currently available in the latest build of Chrome Canary. However, it’s hidden behind a flag. To enable it, paste this URL into Chrome’s address bar chrome://flags/#chrome-whats-new-ui and set it to “Enabled.” Make sure you restart the browser after that. The page is located at https://whats-new/, but you can’t access it on the stable version.

Chrome flag for enabling "Whats's new Chrome" page

Once that is done, click on the three-dot menu located in the upper right corner, select Help, and you should see the “What’s new” page appear right under About Chrome.

Chrome's context menu showing What's new page

The page currently shows information about the newly released Tab Search feature, the revamped profile picker, and tips on customizing Chrome’s look and feel using backgrounds and colors. Google already has a similar page for Chromebooks called “What’s new with Chromebook? which shows a highlight of new features introduced in recent updates.

What’s new Chrome page is currently only available in Chrome Canary on PC. We don’t know when it will arrive on the stable version of Chrome. If you want to try it out, you can download the latest version of Chrome Canary.

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