[Update: Now in Canary] Google Chrome for Windows 10 will get a native dark mode

[Update: Now in Canary] Google Chrome for Windows 10 will get a native dark mode

Update 2/7/19: Native Dark Mode in Windows 10 for Google Chrome is now working in the Canary channel. Images below.

When Material Design was first introduced almost 5 years ago, it signaled a radical change of direction, design-wise, from Google. Gone were the dark interfaces with blue highlights of Holo. Google went all in on bright, colorful UIs, which has been one of the most criticized aspects of Material Design. Now, Google is trying to rectify this, at least in their own products. Apps like Messages, Phone, and Contacts all have built-in native dark modes aimed at night viewing. Google Chrome is set to join this list, too.

Chrome was previously reported to be getting a dark mode on macOS, compatible with the OS’s native dark mode. Now we know that it will also eventually be coming to Windows 10. Just like macOS, Windows 10 has a native, system-wide dark theme, which will turn all compatible apps dark or white with the flip of a switch. And Google Chrome’s dark mode will be compatible with this feature. According to the initial bug report’s text:

Windows 10 allows users to set their apps to “light” or “dark” mode. Chrome should respect this. The most obvious hack is to use the default incognito color scheme in normal mode (as well as incognito) if the system is in dark mode. Long-term we should perhaps have a better answer. This has been a popular request for some time.

This was further confirmed by Google software engineer Peter Kasting, who took to Reddit to confirm that a dark mode for desktop was in the pipeline.

Chrome Dark Mode on macOS via Cult of Mac

Note that this feature is currently still in development, and as such, it’s going to be a while before we get any news about a usable dark mode for Google Chrome. If the white UI is not your cup of tea, remember that Google Chrome on desktop supports themes, and you can simply slap a dark one on for now and continue with your schedule.

Update: Now in Canary

Twitter user Owen Williams first spotted the update and Reddit user Leopeva64-2 shared a video of it in action (GIF below).

Via: Techdows

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