Google Chromecast and Apple TV Products will finally be sold on Amazon again

Google Chromecast and Apple TV Products will finally be sold on Amazon again

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Back in 2015, online retailer Amazon raised some eyebrows when they decided to remove Google and Apple’s streaming devices, the Google Chromecast and Apple TV devices respectively, without previous notice from their online store. Their reasoning behind this decision was that they wanted to “avoid user confusion” that could be caused from users buying streaming devices not compatible with their own Prime Video platform. Many people didn’t buy that reasoning, and instead speculated that the move was designed instead to push Amazon Fire TV streaming devices, which were direct competitors to the Chromecast and the Apple TV. Now, Amazon seems rolling back this two-year-old decision.

Listings for the Google Chromecast and the Chromecast Ultra, as well as their Apple counterparts, have now appeared on the Amazon website. This indicates that the devices will become available through the online retailer very soon. All listings, however, appear as “currently unavailable,” but the status should be changing very soon.

This comes as a surprise considering how aggressively Google and Amazon have been competing as of recently. This competitiveness was likely the factor behind Google removing support for YouTube on the Amazon Fire TV and Echo Show, so this move by Amazon might be seen as a way of amending relations with both Google and Apple.

There is currently no estimated time on when these products will become available for purchase through Amazon, but we can expect them to come back in stock in the following days or weeks. If you’re interested in buying one of these devices right now, the best way to do so is directly through the manufacturer website, which is Google’s Store for the Chromecast and Apple for the Apple TV, but if you’d like to have Amazon’s backing and customer support then you should wait until these devices are in stock on the website.

Source: CNET