Google Chrome’s form controls are getting a revamped UI and touch support

Google Chrome’s form controls are getting a revamped UI and touch support

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Chrome is undoubtedly one of the most used browsers out there. It’s fast, packs in a ton of features, and keeps receiving new ones with each successive update. Over the last few weeks, Google has added a new notification prompt style to the browser to make it less intrusive, tested a custom share sheet in Chrome Canary, added a new media control tool on PCs, and added a screenshot editor to the browser. Now, according to a recent post on the Chromium forums, the company is pushing a refreshed design for the browser’s form controls.

As per the post, the Form Control Refresh feature (chrome://flags/#form-controls-refresh) has already been enabled by default in Chromium 81 for Windows, ChromeOS, and Linux as of last week. The feature completely changes the look and feel of form controls, giving them a refreshed appearance with better accessibility and touch support. The design refresh is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Microsoft and Google, and it brings design changes to a variety of elements including checkboxes, buttons, text, progress bars, meters, etc. You can see all the changes introduced in the refreshed design by following this link.

As mentioned earlier, the Form Control Refresh has been enabled in Chromium 81 by default, but it’s also available in Chrome v79 as an experimental flag. You can enable it by following this link, enable the Web Platform Controls updated UI flag, and then restart the browser for the changes to take effect.

Source: Chromium forums