Google Clips is a Miniature Camera that Costs $249

Google Clips is a Miniature Camera that Costs $249

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There were a lot of unannounced Google products leaked throughout the year leading up to today’s launch event. Focus was initially put on the company’s two new flagship smartphones, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, but this shifted to other devices like the Google Pixelbook and Google Home Mini as we got closer to the launch event. One device that was left secret though was the Google Clips miniature camera and now we know all about this little device.

We’ve seen how well Google is able to optimize the camera performance of their smartphones and the Google Clips mini camera takes that a step further. It’s a small, square device that uses artificial intelligence to capture those perfect moments in life. This is great for those times that you were simply too slow to pull out the phone and capture the moment as it will automatically take photos and videos for you without you even needing to touch it.

The demo on stage at the launch event today focused on pets and babies, but it can also be used as an action camera. There is no audio recording here, though, so you shouldn’t expect it to replace the need for a smartphone camera completely. This also means that you don’t have to worry about any wiretapping laws when using Google Clips too. There is an LED light embedded in the small case of the device that will blink when it’s recording any video.

Even while it’s recording videos, you can take one high-definition still image and save it to your Google Photos account. You can also export it as a video or a GIF so that it’s easy to share with friends or family members. The Google Clips camera has a 12MP sensor and a 130-degree field-of-view lens. The photos it can take are done at 15 frames per second and stored onto the 16GB of internal storage it has built-in. Google make a point to emphasize that captures never leave the device itself and are all stored locally until you decide if you want to upload it to the cloud.

There hasn’t been any release date revealed yet, but it will cost $249 when it’s available.

Source: Google Store