Google Cloud Next ’19: The Latest G Suite Announcements From Google’s Big Event

Google Cloud Next ’19: The Latest G Suite Announcements From Google’s Big Event

While it may not be as exciting as an Android or hardware event, Google Cloud Next has given us a slew of announcements. The company just published details about several of the new G Suite features, improvements, and products that they talked about during the event. Let’s take a look.

Microsoft Office editing

First up, Office editing makes it possible to edit, comment, and collaborate on Microsoft Office files in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slide. This is pretty cool as it adds the best feature of Google’s office suite to Microsoft’s popular Office apps. Simply save an Office file to Google Drive, double-click it, and select “Open in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides.” All changes will be saved to the original file.

Google Voice for G Suite

Google Voice is now available as an add-on to G Suite. Since it integrated with Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet, this makes a complete solution for communication.

Google+ for G Suite rebranded to Currents

As we all know, Google+ is no more, but that was only for consumers. Google+ for G Suite’s future was still up in the air. “Currents” is the replacement and it has a new look and feature set. The premise is still the same, enabling people to have discussions and interactions across their organization. Currents is launching first in beta.

Hangouts Chat Accelerated Transition Program

Google announced that they would transition Hangouts users to Hangouts Chat later this year. Now, they have announced a program for organizations to get a head start in making the move. They are also extending the timelines to give more time for the transition. G Suite admins can express interest in the program if they wish to get started with transitioning fully to Hangouts Chat.

Live captions in Hangouts Meet

Users can turn on captions from the menu and they will appear on the screen underneath the screen preview. They work on the web, devices with a Mimo touchscreen, Chromebox, and Chromebase. They are only available in English at this time.

Advanced phishing and malware protection for Gmail beta

A new beta program will allow G Suite admins to have more controls for anti-phishing and malware protections in Gmail. They can put emails into a “quarantine,” put automatic filters on emails with unusual attachment types, and filter options for emails that potentially spoof the domain name.To enable these beta features, go to Admin console > Menu > Apps > G Suite > Gmail > Safety.

Google Assistant integration with Calendar

Google Assistant integration with Calendar is nothing new for consumers, but it has been missing for G Suite users. Now, G Suite users can ask Assistant and Google Home speakers questions related to their calendars and get relevant information in return. (via VentureBeat)

New AI Tools

Google announced AI Platform in beta, which is an end-to-end development platform that will help teams works on machine learning projects in a collaborative way. They are also updating Cloud AutoML with a feature called AutoML Tables beta. This lets users build machine learning models on structured tubular datasets. Another new tool is AutoML Video beta, which allows developers to create custom models that can automatically classify video content. Another AutoML tool is Vision Edge, which should simplify the process of deploying high-accuracy, low-latency custom machine learning models.

Another cool tool is Document Understanding AI beta. This is a server-less platform that can automatically classify and extract data from scanned physicial or digital documents. It integrates with existing products from Iron Mountain, ​Box​, DocuSign, ​Egnyte​, ​Taulia​, UiPath, ​Accenture, and others. Google is also rolling out Vision Product Search, which uses its Cloud Vision technology to enable businesses to create Google Lens-type experiences. (via VentureBeat)

A lot of announcements came out of the Google Cloud Next event. You can read the full summary here with links to all the individual blog posts.

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