Google Coach may be a new health and fitness assistant for wearables

Google Coach may be a new health and fitness assistant for wearables

Health and fitness have become a huge part of how we use our smartphones. You can find apps to track your calories, count steps, log workouts, and connect to fitness wearables. Google wants to take all of this and put it under one roof with a dose of AI tech. A new report claims Google is working on a new health and fitness service called “Google Coach.” It is known internally as “Project Wooden.”

Here are a few things that Google Coach may be able to do:

  • Leverage Google Fit data
  • Recommend workout routines
  • Track fitness goals and progress
  • Log activities and workouts
  • Track nutrition and diet
  • Create meal plans

According to Android Police, Google Coach is much more than just a simple activity tracker. It aims to be a personal health coach in all aspects of your life. Google will leverage all of your data and use AI to make recommendations for workouts, meals, and even healthy choices at restaurants. It would know which restaurant you’re at based on your location and find healthy choices on their menu.

Google Coach could also tap into your Google Calendar and generate a meal plan for the week. It could even send the shopping list to your email. What’s powering all of this is the immense amount of data that Google has about us. Most virtual “life coaches” only work if you are honest and stay on top of entering data. Google Coach can do more since it has deep access to your activities and habits. Naturally, that might be a little creepy for some people, but it can also be very useful.

There’s potential for an overload of notifications with something like this. Google wants to make the notifications “conversational.” Maybe once a day you get a notification about your steps, water intake, and medication reminder, instead of three separate ones. Wearables will be a big part of Google Coach at launch, but there will be a phone aspect as well. A Wear OS device will be key for fitness data, but Google hopes to expand it to all platforms eventually.

Keep in mind that all of this is unannounced and subject to change. It’s possible that we hear more about this at the October 4th Pixel 3 event, but it’s also possible that we’re still far out from an official announcement. Either way, this seems like an exciting new product. We can’t wait to learn more about it.

Source: Android Police

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