Google Search Collections get a refined UI and new collaboration features

Google Search Collections get a refined UI and new collaboration features

Google has offered a feature called “Collections” for a while now, but it has always been kinda buried. Essentially, Collections are groups of bookmarks, allowing you to organize things much more easily. Today, Google has announced a refined UI for Collections, along with more prominent placement in the Google app, and a new collaboration feature.

First and foremost, Collections now has its own tab in the bottom bar of the Google app. Collections were previously tucked away in the “More” tab, but now they are front-and-center, taking the place of the “Recent” tab. The UI has also been slightly redesigned to go along with this more focused placement. We previously saw this new UI in testing back in October, but now it’s ready for primetime.


This updated UI features bigger thumbnails for Collections on the My Collections page and a floating multicolor “+New” button. On Collection pages, the title has been moved to be left-aligned, the “Find more” tab is now a floating button across the bottom, and saved pages are more visually appealing. Another big thing you’ll notice is the “Share” button has an icon of a person, and that’s because you can now collaborate on Collections.

The Share button previously only created a link you could send to people. However, now it looks more like the Share menu you might see in Google Drive. You can choose to create a “view only” link or a “Contributor” link. As you might expect, the Contributor link allows the other person to make changes to the Collection. This is an extremely handy feature if you’re planning something with other people. Essentially, this turns Google into a collaborative Pinterest board.

Look for these new features to be rolling out to the Google app starting today!

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