Google Contacts update enables Material You’s dynamic theming on Android 12

Google Contacts update enables Material You’s dynamic theming on Android 12

Theming support in Android is something that Google has been working on for years, though they’ve mostly focused on providing system APIs and frameworks for OEMs to build their own theming engines on top of. With the Android 12 update and Google’s new “Material You” design language,  though, Google is bringing theming to the forefront and making it more personal than we’ve ever seen before. However, it’s going to be a while before we see Material You’s dynamic theming system adopted by most apps. Google is, of course, working on adapting their own apps to support dynamic coloring, and they’re now rolling out full support for dynamic theming in the Google Contacts app.


An update (spotted by the Google Pixels Telegram group) is rolling out now to the Google Contacts app, bringing it to version 3.50. After downloading the update on a device running Android 12, the Google Contacts app opens up with colors derived from your wallpaper, as shown in the screenshots embedded below.

Image credits: Google Pixels on Telegram

The search bar and the add new contact button (along with the edit contact button) have changed, and overall, the new design is a lot more consistent with the system theme generated by Android 12’s “monet” theming system. As such, Google Contacts won’t look the same for everyone, because “monet” generates a palette of colors based on your wallpaper. Since wallpapers can have all sorts of colors in them, “monet” can generate loads of different accent colors for the app the pick from. The user can somewhat customize the colors that are used by the system starting in Android 12 Beta 3, though.

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Other Google apps readying support for dynamic theming on Android 12 include Google Messages, the Google App’s Discover feed, and Gboard. The company is working quickly to update most of its apps to fit the theme before Android 12 releases, as otherwise, even system apps won’t necessarily fit the design of the rest of the phone. We’ll be keeping a close eye out on other apps updating with Material You theming support, but if you haven’t gotten the feature in the Google Contacts app yet, you can download the latest version from Google Play or APKMirror.

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Price: Free

Last but not least, the Google Contacts 3.50 update also incorporates another Android 12 feature: splash screens. Google has made a custom animated splash screen that plays when you open the app. Here’s a brief screen recording that shows the new splash screen in action, courtesy of the Google Pixels Telegram group.

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