Google Contacts 2.2 Redesigns the Contact View, Vastly Improves Suggestions, and More

Google Contacts 2.2 Redesigns the Contact View, Vastly Improves Suggestions, and More

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Google Contacts, Google’s own fork of the AOSP Contacts app with added features, has been the default contacts app in Nexus and Pixel devices for quite some time now. Aside from syncing your contacts to the cloud, it allows for things like contact suggestions, duplicate erasing, and a lot more. These extra features have been expanded with time, and with a Pixel refresh in the horizon, it’s also time for the Google Contacts app to get some fresh air as well.

That’s why the newest 2.2 version of Google Contacts improves in some aspects of the app, while completely changing in others. The most notable change we can see in the 2.2 update is yet another revamp of the Contacts view menu. This new update brings back the large contact photos that were previously removed in version 2.0, while also adding action buttons right under the contact name, like call, text, video call or email. Also, the directory card has received some changes, adding more information like the contact’s job title, work phone number, manager name, and office location.

This new release also packs some improvements for the Suggestion feature. Now, the Contacts app will ask you by default if you’d like to add to your contacts people you frequently contact across the Google ecosystem, like Hangouts. And the merge function now has a convenient “merge all” button inside the toolbar, making merging duplicate contacts much less of a chore by simply touching a button. These changes should make for a much more comfortable experience for Google Contacts users.

If you’d like to grab the latest Google Contacts 2.2, it’s now rolling out to users in the Play Store, so be on the lookout for an app update coming very soon to your device. With the Pixel 2 announcement nearing, we’re expecting to see more and more changes to the stock apps coming soon, so stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Source: G Suite Blog