Google Creates a Landing Page for Developers to Help with Android Security

Google Creates a Landing Page for Developers to Help with Android Security

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Security within the Android platform has become very important to Google lately. This isn’t to say that Google didn’t care about vulnerabilities for Android in the past, though. It just became clear that when Google started rolling out monthly security updates to the Nexus devices back in November of 2015, they were getting very serious with it.

The company ramped up their Android Security Rewards program and this has paid out over half a million dollars to more than 80 researchers since it was launched.

Google even recently shared a couple of methods that enables them to catch malicious applications that were able to bypass their own scanning definitions. So the company has just created a new landing page that focuses on Android security for people who are developing on this platform. This is part of the Android Developers website and it offers a number of tools and tips for developers who want to keep their applications clean and user friendly.

The first thing we see on this landing page is a collection of Android security-related articles that appear on the many, many other established Google blogs. For example, the latest post on this new Android security landing page is from the Google Security Blog, and it takes a look back at 2016 and highlights the ways they were able to help developers fix security vulnerabilities in 100,000 applications. This is all thanks to Google’s Google Play App Security Improvement (ASI) program and it has resulted in over 90,000 developers updating over 275,000 applications.

This new Android security landing page also has a security essentials checklist which has links to training articles on the Android Developers website. These training articles include tips for how to store data safely, how to enforce secure communications, suggesting that developers only use the required permissions and more. So if you’re an Android application developer, or just someone who is interested in the effort Google puts into Android security, then be sure to check out the new landing page that’s been set up.

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