Google’s note taking web app, Cursive, can be used on any Chromebook

Google’s note taking web app, Cursive, can be used on any Chromebook

Cursive is a brand new app from Google that allows Chromebook users to take handwritten notes. The app debuted on the recently released HP Chromebook X2 11. While the app will come pre-installed on upcoming stylus-equipped Chromebooks, you can install it on any Chromebook device right now.

Cursive is a pretty straightforward Progressive Web App (PWA) that lets you draw and scribble down notes using your stylus (via 9to5Google). If you have a Chromebook and want to give this new app a try, head over to Then click on the download icon located in the left corner of the address bar to install the app.


When you open Cursive for the first time, it gives you a short tour of various features and things you can do with the app. On the homepage, a “New note” button appears in the top left corner, with a list of notebooks with different themes appearing just below it. Similar to Google Docs, recently created and modified notes appear as big cards.

When creating a note, you get access to various tools, including pen, highlighter, eraser, image insertion, and select. You can also adjust pen width and undo or redo changes.

The app also supports various nifty gestures. For example, you can scribble over the content to delete it or draw a circle around it to move it across the page.

While anyone with a Chromebook or a Chrome OS-powered device can access Cursive, the app is specifically designed for devices with stylus support. However, there’s a touch mode option that lets users use their fingers to write and draw.

For now, Cursive remains exclusive to Chromebooks. Although the app is accessible on other platforms like Windows and Mac, most features are inaccessible. For example, you can’t create a new note or edit existing ones if you don’t have a Chrome OS-powered device.

Screenshots courtesy: 9to5Google

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