Google Daydream Will Get A Big Update And Its own VR Web Browser

Google Daydream Will Get A Big Update And Its own VR Web Browser

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Google’s virtual reality platform, Daydream VR, will get its first major software update. The update is codenamed Daydream Euphrates and it will be available to all phones with Daydream support later this year.

One of the key changes will be an updated interface: Google wants Daydream VR to become more of a full-featured operating system. Daydream VR will also get a 2D panel that pops up on top of the virtual environment, giving all users better access to normal Android functions in VR. Google also plans to expand sharing options: users will get an option to share an image or video via available channels. Finally, Google will add screenshot and screen capture features.

Another important improvement prepared by Google is real-time streaming to TVs with Chromecast. Other people will have a chance to see what a user is viewing but for now, it’s limited to local Chromecast streaming.

A special version of Google Chrome will also hit the VR world, with some  Daydream experiences already available in Chrome. A VR-flavored browser should give its users an option to browse web pages while in a headset and also launch WebVR content. Similar browsers were added to other virtual reality services, and they work quite well.

Via: The Verge