Google Helps App Developers Prepare for Android Lollipop

Google Helps App Developers Prepare for Android Lollipop

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A little under two weeks ago, Google let the world know that today, November 3rd, would be forever remembered by Android fanboys as “Lollipop Day.” There is quite a lot to be excited about from an end-user perspective, as Lollipop adds quite a bit of user-facing changes such as Material Design, as well as an even greater number of under-the-hood changes.

All this Lollipop fun isn’t just for end-users, though. Developers also have quite a bit to be excited about, since a newer and more refined version of Android will attract more people to the platform. This then creates a larger potential customer base, and ultimately aids developer revenue.

As we countdown the final seconds to release, Google decided that now would be a good time to reemphasize the value and thought process behind Material Design. As such, Google has posted a brief primer on Material Design and its value to the official Android blog. The article not only encourages developers to follow the Material Design UI guidelines, but also explains a bit as to the logic behind the transitions, graphic design, and overall feel that should be present in Material-compliant apps.

All in all, this shows that not only are we on the very precipice of Android 5.0 Lollipop’s release, but Google is doing all that it can to ensure that app developers follow the UI guidelines, which then eventually leads to an overall more cohesive user experience. You can learn more by heading over to the Official Android Blog.