[Update: Continued Support] Google has discontinued the Nest Secure alarm system

[Update: Continued Support] Google has discontinued the Nest Secure alarm system

Update 1 (10/28/2020 @ 04:57 PM ET): In an email sent to customers, Google has announced its “continued commitment to Nest Secure”. Scroll to the bottom for more information. The article as published on October 20, 2020, is preserved below.

Google has confirmed to AndroidPolice that the Nest Secure alarm system it launched in 2017 has been discontinued. The product, made up of a combination keypad and siren called the Nest Guard and a series of sensors has been unavailable on the Google Store for a week or so, and now we have confirmation that it’s gone for good.

Google has confirmed that although the Nest Secure system is no longer available, it will continue to service customers’ existing devices including the Nest Guard, Nest Connect motion sensors, Nest Tags, and Nest Detect door/window sensors. You may even find products still in stock in some places and can rest assured they will be supported.


Google recently confirmed that its Nest Hub devices will gain presence detection for Google Home in a coming firmware update. Although not a direct successor, it seems that Google is banking on a house full of Nest Hubs and cameras to replace the sensors. Additionally, Google Assistant will accept a PIN-code by voice and emit a siren, negating the need for Nest Guard.

The reality is that Nest Secure was a “legacy” product designed to appeal to those who wanted a smart alarm system that was in a more familiar form factor. But with smart speakers and mobile handsets capable of filling all of Nest Secure’s features, it has become somewhat superfluous. The danger with this direction of travel is that it assumes customers will embrace smart assistants, and yet many people want the benefits of a smart home without any reliance on Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa.

Google is not the only smart home player not to have fully supported its traditional alarm system. Arlo’s equivalent product was quietly withdrawn earlier this year without a replacement, and without ever reaching beyond the US market.

Amazon-owned Ring offers its alarm system and accessories worldwide, but its products remain stubbornly incompatible with the Google Home ecosystem. Other third-party products exist, offering different features and compatibility.

Last week, Google announced its latest Nest thermostat, which also features presence detection which can be applied to an environment protected by Nest.

Update 1: Google’s Continued Commitment

Earlier today, Google sent customers of the Nest Secure an email to announce that the product has been discontinued but will continue to receive software support and work with other Nest products. In addition, Google says that Nest Detect sensors will be available for sale on the Google Store in mid-December. Here’s the email in full:

We’re reaching out to give you an update on your Nest Secure alarm system. We sold out of Nest Secure and won’t be making the full system available for sale any longer. We are committed to bringing you the same feature and software support you’ve always had with Nest Secure, including existing cross-product integrations within the Nest ecosystem. We will also continue to deliver critical security updates and software fixes. You shouldn’t notice any change with your Nest Secure experience.

Nest Tags are currently available on the Google Store, and we’re working to have more Nest Detect sensors available for sale by mid-December.

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions, you can contact support and find more info in our help center.

The Google Nest team.

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