Google is discontinuing support for Android Nearby Notifications

Google is discontinuing support for Android Nearby Notifications

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Google is finally discontinuing a feature that many users have complained about for years. “Nearby Notifications” launched in 2015 as a way to interact with physical locations. You might get a notification about a service you can use when you pass by a store. There are potentially useful scenarios for the feature, but it ended up being a target for spam.

Google says their intent was to provide information before a user would need it. Things like public WiFi passwords, information about a museum, bus arrival times, etc. Unfortunately, like a lot of things, it was abused and created a “poor user experience.” To make matters worse, disabling the feature was not obvious to a lot of users. So it was a constant pain in the neck.

Google announced on the Android developer blog that they will be removing the Nearby Notifications feature on December 6th. Developers will still be able to add proximity-based notifications into their apps with the Proximity Beacons API. Device-to-device Nearby features, like the Nearby Messages and Connections APIs will also remain available. Google says they plan on continuing to invest in these Nearby projects. Just not the one that bugs you every time you go to the grocery store.

Source: Android Developers Blog