PSA: Google’s 100GB Drive storage promotion for Chromebooks ends soon

PSA: Google’s 100GB Drive storage promotion for Chromebooks ends soon

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Google likes to include a few perks with their devices when you buy them. For instance, purchasing a Google Pixel device will give you unlimited full resolution photo backup – forever. Another example of them offering similar is with Chromebooks, where purchasing one will give you 100GB of free Google Drive storage for two years. That storage can be used for anything for those two years, but you have to manually claim it yourself. That offer has been active for a while now, but it’s ending soon. August 15th, 2018 is the cut-off date, so if you have a Chromebook and want 100GB of storage then you’ll need to claim it very soon.

The offer is valid for any Chromebook bought, and you simply have to verify you own one via the website below. It will ask for permission to check if your computer is a Chromebook. If so, it will grant you the extra storage in your Drive account. The storage lasts for two years, so be mindful of the fact that when it expires you won’t be able to use your Google Drive to the full extent anymore – if you’ve exceeded whatever limit you have after that. The only way to utilize your Google Drive then will be to delete files or purchase an add-on instead.

Whether Google will re-introduce the offer is unknown, bordering on unlikely. Google may introduce another offer instead, but renewing the same offer would make little sense given the planned cut-off date. We’ll wait and see what happens come August 15th, but you’ll want to get going on availing of that offer now. Any of the available Chromebooks on the market should suffice. Navigate to the website below to activate it! It’s limited to one account per device, so be sure to be logged into the right Google account before you verify your Chromebook. It’s storage that’s accessible across all of Google’s services on your account.

Get 100GB of Google Drive storage for two years