Google Drive for desktop gets a big redesign to match Gmail

Google Drive for desktop gets a big redesign to match Gmail

Google used to be well known for their lack of design skills, but over the years they have worked on improving the look of their services. This took a big leap with the introduction of Material Design and overall that has worked out very well as it has spread throughout the company. Design is never complete, though, and earlier this year we learned that Google’s Material Design guidelines were getting revamped. These changes have made its way to multiple apps and services so far, with Gmail’s latest update being the biggest example. This week the company announced Google Drive would be receiving a similar facelift and we’re now able to get a look at all of the new changes.

It makes sense that we’re seeing Google bring this new UI design to Google Drive so quickly after it was rolled out to Gmail. This unified design style wouldn’t have been how things worked years ago but lately, Google has been making a concerted effort to follow a similar design style across apps and services. Granted, this isn’t always the case and there are some details that will inevitably be different, but Google encourages this as it gives developers the freedom to be unique in certain situations.


As you can see from the GIF above, Google Drive is shifting from square user interface elements to ones that are round. This is happening everywhere from the new file/folder button to the cards layout, and even when showing a selected menu item. With this, the settings icon (and Help Center icon) have been moved so that it is in line with the search bar, the background has shifted from gray to white, and they’ve changed the font used for headers. G Suite customers will notice the logo in the top left of the page will now be the Google Drive wordmark and their company’s custom logo will appear next to it.

Right now, the new look is only for G Suite customers. The full rollout to all customers will take place in the next 1-3 days. It will be available to all G Suite editions. Google did not share details about when the new design will roll out to all Google Drive users.

Source: G Suite Updates

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