Photos added to Google Drive will no longer automatically sync to Google Photos

Photos added to Google Drive will no longer automatically sync to Google Photos

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When Google Photos came onto the scene it introduced some overlap in features with Google Drive. Both services can be used to store photos and videos in the cloud. One way that Google has attempted to bridge the services is with a tool that allows users to sync photos and videos automatically between them. Starting next month, that option will be removed.

Google claims they heard feedback about Google Drive and Google Photos having a “confusing” connection. To fix this problem, Google is simply removing that connection altogether. Mostly. The ability to automatically have photos and videos sync between Drive and Photos will be removed in July. Adding images to Google Photos will no longer add them to your Drive, deleting an image from Drive won’t delete it from Photos, etc.

This sync tool was a very general “all or nothing” approach, but it worked well. To offer more control, Google will be adding a new “Upload from Drive” feature. This will work basically like uploading a photo from your local storage. It will allow you to easily choose photos and videos to import from Drive into Google Photos manually. Items imported in Original Quality will count towards your storage in Drive and Photos.

Lastly, the Backup and Sync tool for Windows and Mac will remain functional. Existing photos and videos that were synced between Drive and Photos will remain in their place unchanged. The “Google Photos” folder in Drive will remain as well. It’s unfortunate to see this option get removed. Did you use the sync feature?

Source: Google