Google Duo 82 tests adding closed captions to messages

Google Duo 82 tests adding closed captions to messages

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Of all the umpteen communication services that Google has dabbled with, Google Duo can be considered as one of the more successful ones around. While the service is not as popular as Apple’s FaceTime, it does come preloaded on Android devices through Google Mobile Services, making it one of the closest competitors for Android. Duo also is very easy to use, which definitely adds to its overall appeal. The app also has nifty features like the ability to send notes and doodles, video call in 1080p on certain devices, send out video voicemails, and more. As first spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, Google was working on adding support for captions to video and audio messages, and now, we have managed to enable the feature to give you a preview of what to expect.

Captions within Google Duo is not intended to be used during live video calls. Instead, it will be available for the voicemail feature only, for the time being. With Google Duo v82, we enabled the feature and captured screenshots.

As you can see in the screenshots, there is a new “CC” button in the Message Player. This lets you toggle captions on and off. Once toggled on, captions will appear in the video. The audio content is shared with Google to enable the transcription, and the feature hint clarifies that the audio is not stored. The captions themselves were not absolutely accurate, but we did have some background noise in the audio and we also had to speak softly.

Also pictured in the screenshots is the ability to save the messages locally. This applies to videos, voice messages, photos, and notes, and you can save all of them locally. Both the Captioning and Save Messages features can be toggled in the Message settings separately.

The features pictured above are not currently available for the public, but they should be rolling out in the near future.