Google Duo has an audio bug on Android 12, but a fix is on the way

Google Duo has an audio bug on Android 12, but a fix is on the way

Android 12 has been available for a few months now on Google’s own Pixel phones, and a number of third-party phones and tablets have also received the update. Even though each new version of Android is supposed to be fully compatible with everything built for previous versions (excluding very old applications), some apps and games do break for one reason or another. One such application appears to be Google Duo, as Google is now working on a fix for a bug on Android 12 devices.

Google wrote in a community post, “We have discovered that users on Android 12 devices sometimes don’t hear audio when answering a Duo call from an incoming call notification. We are working on a fix, but in the meantime, a workaround is to try the call once more but have your Duo app open so you can answer the call from within the app instead of via the notification alert. Thank you for providing feedback and we’ll keep you posted!”


There have been a handful of public complaints about the bug, including on Google’s own support forums, but nothing widespread. That’s likely because the Android 12 rollout is still in its early stages, and the problem doesn’t apply to everyone using Duo — if you only ever make outgoing calls, for example, you might not have noticed the issue. Hopefully, that bug fix update arrives soon.

Speaking of Duo updates, Google has rolled out a bunch of new features and fixes for Duo over the past few months. The app received a Material You redesign in September, which included the Google Sans font seen in other applications and dynamic color support. Google also revamped the home screen in July, adding a floating action button for placing calls and improving the search function. Near the start of 2021, Google implemented a new audio codec to improve call quality over poor connections.

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