[Update: Rolling Out for Everyone] Google Duo audio calling support rolls out for Google Home smart speakers

[Update: Rolling Out for Everyone] Google Duo audio calling support rolls out for Google Home smart speakers

Update (10/2/19 @ 10:00 AM ET): Google Duo audio calling for Google Home speakers is now rolling out to everyone.

When Google introduced two new applications to tackle messaging, Allo was for text communication while Duo was there specifically for video calls. It seemed like a good idea at first with Duo being Google’s version of Facetime and Allo attempting to break into the messaging ecosystem. Allo had some unique ideas, but the ecosystem was too saturated and, like many other Google services, it was confirmed that it would be discontinued. Duo, on the other hand, has thrived, and now we have learned that Google is rolling out audio calling support for Google Home smart speakers.


I know that we see Google services being canceled all the time, but it really felt like they were going to stay focused on both Allo and Duo. The pair of applications fit together so well even many within the community wanted Duo to be folded into Allo for an all-in-one app. Interestingly enough, the adoption rate for Duo grew and held strong, while it was hard for people to convince others to join Club Allo. With other messaging apps already dominating various markets (WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, and regular texting), Allo just wasn’t able to hold on.

Now, we’ve had audio calls within the Duo app for a couple of years now, but these Google Home devices getting support for it comes at just the right time. When we learned that Allo was being discontinued, we were told that support for the app was ending in March of this year. We don’t have an exact day as of right now, but it’s just interesting timing to see Duo’s audio calls being added to Google Home devices on the same month that the company is putting Allo to rest. This audio calling support is now becoming available for the Google Home, Google Home Mini, and the Google Home Hub (even though the last product has a camera).

Simply toss out a command like “make an audio call to [device/person] on Duo” and you should see it respond in kind.

Via: Android Police

Update: Rolling Out for Everyone

After some users spotted Google Duo audio calling support for Google Home speakers way back in March, the feature is finally rolling out to everyone. Several of us here at XDA have confirmed the feature is available now for all Google Home speakers. Open the Google Home app and go to Settings > Services tab > Voice & video calls > Video & Voice Apps. If Duo isn’t set up, you can click the link icon to do so.

Thanks to @RaghavTheGreat for the tip and screenshot!

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