Google Duo gets an Android 10 dark theme

Google Duo gets an Android 10 dark theme

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Google Duo has had a pretty eventful week. First, Google Duo audio calling support rolled out to Google Home smart speakers. Next, support for calling your Google Home speakers from Duo finally rolled out as well. Now, Duo is getting a dark theme that works with Android 10’s system-wide setting.

The dark theme in Google Duo is the exact same thing we’ve seen in all of Google’s apps. The background becomes dark grey (not black) and the text becomes white and light grey. The bright blue accents are swapped for a more pastel shade. The dark theme is present on the main screen, contact list, and while in a call. You can choose Light, Dark, or System default for the theme. System default will, of course, follow the Android 10 system-wide setting.

The dark theme appears to be included with version 63 of the app, but it may require a server-side switch. I have the new dark theme in version 63 as well. You can download Google Duo from the Play Store below. On the surface, Duo may not seem like an important app, but it has actually become pretty popular and well-liked. There’s something to be said for a dead-simple video calling app.

Via: Android Police