Google Duo prepares to let you reach contacts via email address

Google Duo prepares to let you reach contacts via email address

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An APK teardown of Google Duo from late last month revealed that the company was working on bringing invite link functionality for group video and audio calls on the app. Once released, the feature will allow users to share invite links for their group calls and let other users join the call with just a single tap. In an attempt to make connecting with other users on the platform even easier, Google is now working to add a toggle to the app which will let users reach contacts using their email address.

Currently, when you sign up for Google Duo, you have to use your phone number, unless you’re signing in on the web. After signing up for Duo on mobile, you can link your Google account so that you can use the service across different devices and allow people with access to your phone number or Google account see that you use Duo. However, this is set to change soon as Google is preparing to add a toggle in Duo’s Account settings that will let people reach you using just your email address.

This new toggle in Google Duo was recently spotted by app reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane), who has shared a screenshot of the toggle in the app’s Account settings. As you’d expect, with the ‘Reachable with email address’ toggle enabled, users won’t have to know your phone number to call you on the app. While the addition of this toggle doesn’t show that Duo is preparing to add support for email-only accounts on mobile (i.e., allow you to sign up to the service without giving away your phone number at all), but it’s definitely one more step in that direction.

Source: Twitter