Google Beefs Up Hardware Operations in China

Google Beefs Up Hardware Operations in China

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Google’s turning its attention to an increasingly important market: China. The search giant will expand its China-based research center devoted to hardware, according to The Information, and bring on new hires from tech titans like Amazon and Apple.

Specifically, Google’s increasing the number of engineers in its new local hardware team to 150, up from just 20 employees a year ago. The recent hires are said to include experienced engineers with “experience in hardware and supply chain management,” hinting that the new team might be working on smartphones and the Google Home. Interestingly, some of the recent hires formerly worked for Jide Technology, the startup behind Remix OS.

Google’s not trying to sell hardware in China yet, but looking to be more hands-on with local manufacturing processes. The team’s currently housed in the Shanghai World Financial Center, and consists of five managers who report directly to Google’s Mountain View offices.

The new moves are part of the search giant’s transition from a “mobile-first” company to an “AI-first” company. Google parent firm Alphabet’s made substantial advances in neural networks and deep learning technology, and the ventures are a perfect fit for China, where the central government’s invested heavily in machine learning projects.

Via: Android Authority Source: The Information