Google is extending Fast Pair to Android TVs, Chromebooks, and Matter devices

Google is extending Fast Pair to Android TVs, Chromebooks, and Matter devices

At its annual I/O developer conference last year, Google announced a bunch of upcoming features. While some of the features that Google announced during the event have already rolled out to users, the company is yet to extend Fast Pair support to more device types. However, during the ongoing CES 2022 trade show, Google has announced that it will add Fast Pair support for more devices, including Android TVs, Chromebooks, and Matter-enabled devices, in the coming months.

For the unaware, Google introduced Fast Pair alongside the original Pixel Buds back in 2017. The idea behind the feature was to help Android users quickly and seamlessly pair with nearby Bluetooth devices without needing to go into the Bluetooth settings and pair the devices manually.


Since its launch, the feature has made an appearance on various wireless earphones and headphones from OEMs like OnePlus, Realme, Microsoft, and more. Google has now confirmed that it will soon expand Fast Pair support to Google TVs, Android TVs, Chromebooks, and Matter-enabled devices in the coming months.

Fast Pair Matter-enabled devices

In a blog post, Google notes that support for Fast Pair-enabled devices will roll out to Chromebooks in a few weeks. Once the feature rolls out, users will be able to connect their Fast Pair-enabled headphones to their Chromebooks seamlessly. Furthermore, the company adds that Chromebooks launched later this year will also let users go through the entire set up process using just their phones. In addition, Google TV and Android TV OS devices will also get support for Fast Pair-enabled accessories in the coming months, along with support for Matter-enabled smart home devices.

Fast Pair Android TV

At the moment, Google has not shared a definite release timeline for these new Fast Pair capabilities. We’ll make sure to let you know as soon as these features become available.

Do you have any experience with a Fast Pair-enabled headphone or earphone? What do you think of the feature and the upcoming changes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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