Google Wanted to Buy Cyanogen, Inc.

Google Wanted to Buy Cyanogen, Inc.

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Google has reportedly tried to acquire Cyanogen, Inc., maker of one of the most popular multi-device custom ROMs, CyanogenMod. According to a report prepared by The Information, Google’s SVP Sundar Pichai had a meeting with Cyanogen’s CEO Kirt McMaster, but the interest from the Android and Google Chrome head honcho was shrugged off with no further notice.

It’s unclear why Google wanted to buy Cyanogen. Perhaps they wanted to have an in-house Android distribution and a team of skilled engineer capable of bringing Android to another level. However, the most likely scenario was to buy the company and shut it down right after. It brings up quite a few question as to why Google would pursue such a course of action, though.

CyanogenMod has millions of users. Even some OEMs like Oppo and OnePlus use their firmwares in shipping devices. There are also reports that Cyanogen, Inc. made an agreement with Micromax to release a CyanogenMod-based smartphones in the near future. Cyanogen, Inc. is currently focusing on obtaining a $1 billion valuation to aid in its third round of funding. This could possibly be the main reason for denying Google’s offer.

This information seems to come as a rather large surprise, but the CyanogenMod makers are now on Google’s radar, so this may not be the last we hear of some kind of acquisition.

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