Google Fi’s $15/mo phone subscription program gets you a Pixel 4a, device protection, and biyearly phone upgrades

Google Fi’s $15/mo phone subscription program gets you a Pixel 4a, device protection, and biyearly phone upgrades

Google Fi has launched a phone subscription program that aims to make upgrading to a new device easier than ever. Subscribers today can get the Google Pixel 4a and device protection for $15 per month over a 24-month period. After that, subscribers will own the device and are free to upgrade to a new Pixel smartphone. Google said those who subscribe and get the Pixel 4a in this way can save $133 from the retail price over two years.

A cellular plan through Google Fi is separate from the $15 per month fee, so you’ll still be paying for Fi service separately. Once you receive your device as part of the subscription plan, you’ll need to activate it through the Google Fi app within 30 days to start your savings. The offer is currently available to qualified U.S. residents over the age of 18, Google said, and you must have a Google Payments account.


Device protection will allow subscribers to get a device replacement or repair damage for cracks, drops, spills, and more. There are deductibles, however, ranging in cost from $49 to $99. You can cancel your device protection at any time, but if you do, your device won’t be eligible for re-enrollment. Meanwhile, if you stop your phone subscription through Google Fi before the end of the 24 months, you’ll owe the remaining cost of the device at full price.

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The subscription program only features the Pixel 4a at the moment, and it’s unclear if the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G will be offered in the future. Those devices are scheduled to launch in the U.S. at the end of this month. Meanwhile, Google’s newest phone subscription program comes on the heels of Google Fi adding Samsung devices to its online store. It doesn’t sound like you’ll be able to get anything other than Pixel devices with the subscription program, but it’s possible that’ll change in the future.

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To sign up for the phone subscription program, visit this page on Google Fi’s website.

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