Google Fi’s unlimited plans now have more data and lower prices

Google Fi’s unlimited plans now have more data and lower prices

Google Fi has been around for years as a mobile network focused on people with limited cellular data usage, but more recently, the network has offered “unlimited” data plans. Google Fi rolled out a ‘Simply Unlimited’ option last year, and now it’s lowering prices and adding more data to both of its unlimited-branded plans.

First, the Simply Unlimited Plan is dropping in price by $5-10 per month, depending on how many phones lines you have. One line is now $50 per month (down from $60), two lines is $40 per line (down from $45), three lines is $25/line (down from $30), and four or more lines is $20/line (down from $30). Google is also increasing the amount of high-speed data from 22GB to 35 GB — yes, even though it’s called “unlimited,” it’s not actually unlimited. Finally, Simply Unlimited now includes unlimited calls if you travel to Mexico or Canada.


Google Fi’s other unlimited plan is Unlimited Plus, which has unlimited high-speed hotspot tethering, the ability to use data-only SIMs at no extra cost, and 100GB of Google One cloud storage. None of that is new, but Google is dropping prices — the monthly cost is now $65 for one line (down from $70), $55/line for two lines (down from $60), $45/line for three lines (down from $50), and $40/line for 4+ lines (down from $45). The high-speed data cap is also being raised from 22 to 5o GB, with the same calling support from Mexico and Canada as Simply Unlimited.

Google Fi also still has the original ‘Flexible’ plan, which is closer to what most MVNOs offer: fixed data caps for a lower monthly bill. Nothing is changing there, except that Flexible plans can also now place calls from Mexico or Canada at no extra cost.

The unlimited plans from Google Fi still aren’t amazing deal, especially if you live in a heavily-populated area — Fi is subject to the same de-prioritization that all MVNOs deal with. Unless you plan on using Fi’s data SIMs or fast international data speeds, T-Mobile’s ‘Essential’s plan is only $10 more for a single line than Google Fi Simply Unlimited, with 50GB of high-speed data and unlimited hotspot at 3G speeds.

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