Google Fi’s new unlimited plan costs less but loses some benefits

Google Fi’s new unlimited plan costs less but loses some benefits

Google Fi on Thursday unveiled a new unlimited plan known as Simply Unlimited. The plan is meant to be a more basic version of its existing unlimited option, now called Unlimited Plus, at a more affordable price.

Simply Unlimited is available for $60 per month for one line and lacks features that are available in Unlimited Plus, including international data and mobile tethering. What you do get with Simply Unlimited on Google Fi is unlimited calls and texts in the U.S., plus unlimited data and texting in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Google said Simply Unlimited is designed for those who want the essentials without the perks that come with Unlimited Plus. If you’re not consumed with wanderlust, Google Fi’s new plan is a great option. The search giant said its newest plan is good for families, because you can get three lines for the same total price as two.


Google Fi Simply Unlimited plan options

If you want a more robust option, Unlimited Plus ($70 per month for one line) offers the same features as Simply Unlimited plus international calls to 50+ destinations and international data abroad in 200+ destinations. You also get full-speed hotspot tethering and 100 GB of cloud storage with Google One.

The addition of Simply Unlimited takes Google Fi one step closer to being a more traditional wireless carrier. With the new affordable unlimited plan and Unlimited Plus, customers now have more options than ever. Not to mention customers can still opt for the carrier’s original Flexible plan, which offers unlimited talk and text, plus $10 per GB for data at home and abroad.

“No matter what plan you choose on Fi, you get great coverage and helpful features,” Google said. “That includes being able to join from home with no contracts or hidden fees and nationwide 5G for faster coverage on supported phones. And it’s easy to switch between plans — say you’re on the Flexible plan and decide you want unlimited data; you can change your plan with just a few taps in the Fi app.”

Simply Unlimited arrives to celebrate Google Fi’s six years of operation. Google said if you activate a new Fi account and bring your number to any plan, you’ll get $100 off select phones for total savings of up to $700. You can also use code SAVE100 for $100 in bill credit if you bring your own phone.

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