Google Fi adds a $70 Unlimited plan with a 100GB Google One membership

Google Fi adds a $70 Unlimited plan with a 100GB Google One membership

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Last year around this time, Google made some improvements to Google Fi, their MVNO service. The company opened it up to many more devices and rebranded the service. Now, Google is adding a new unlimited plan.

The new Unlimited plan offers unlimited calls, texts, and data starting at $70 per month for one line. For multiple lines, it costs $60 per line for 2, $50 for 3, and $45 for 4-6. The plan also covers free data and SMS in 200 countries. As an added bonus, Google is throwing in a Google One membership with 100GB of storage. Google also mentions that data speeds are slowed down after you pass 22GB per person.

Up until now, Google Fi hasn’t had traditional carrier “plans.” You pay a flat rate for unlimited calls and texts and then $10 per GB of data used. Your bill is different every month. Google uses Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular for coverage. “Certified” Fi devices can intelligently switch between the networks.

To kick off this new plan, Google is slashing the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL to 50% off until tomorrow (September 18) or supplies last. Obviously, the Pixel 4 is on the horizon, but this is a pretty crazy deal for phones that are still great. Are you interested in this new Google Fi plan?

Source: Google