Google Fi brings Wi-Fi calling to more phones, adds spam call warnings

Google Fi brings Wi-Fi calling to more phones, adds spam call warnings

One of Google Fi’s big focuses over the last year has been bringing more devices into the fold. This time last year, Google Fi rebranded and expanded to support phones from Samsung, OnePlus, and more. Devices that aren’t “Designed for Fi” miss out on some features, such as network switching, but now Google is bringing some of those extras to more devices.

If you make a lot of phone calls at your house, you know how valuable Wi-Fi calling can be. Even if you live in a well-covered area, Wi-Fi- calling is often more reliable. Wi-Fi calling is a basic feature of Google Fi, but it has mostly been limited to “Designed for Fi” phones. Now, Google is expanding the feature to all Android phones on Google Fi.


On top of Wi-Fi calling, Google is bringing the enhanced VPN network to all Android phones on Fi as well. This is a feature that Google rolled out last year and it has a number of benefits. For starters, it allows the phone to switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data more seamlessly. It also encrypts all Wi-Fi and mobile traffic for added security.

Lastly, spam call warnings and the ability to block specific numbers are available on all phones compatible with Google Fi. If a caller is detected as spam, you will see the caller ID shows “Suspected spam,” and blocking a number works exactly how you’d expect. To find all of these new features, go into the Settings of the Google Fi app and look for “Phone Settings.”

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