Google Files Go gets a built-in media player, faster sharing, and advanced browsing

Google Files Go gets a built-in media player, faster sharing, and advanced browsing

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Files Go was released last year by Google to finally offer a first-party solution for browsing the files on Android devices. It offers features like identifying big files and folders, decluttering the device, and more. Unfortunately, it still isn’t built into the system itself, but the application has more than 10 million downloads on the Play Store since December of 2017. Today, Google Product Manager released another upcoming update of Files Go, which adds some very interesting features.

The first feature is Advanced Browse. It lets you dig into the folders on your phone. This has been one of the most requested functionalities, so finally seeing it is definitely good. Next feature is Advanced App Installs, which basically is a verification method for peer-to-peer shared apps to make sure that they’re from Play Store. I’ve already explained this feature in the last article. Talking about sharing, they’re also getting much, much faster. They now take about 5 seconds on average, as sharing speeds now hit more than 500 Mbps. The next feature is built-in Media Player inside Files Go. Now you don’t need a third-party media player to play audio and video. The player also supports background playback.

Google Product Manager also hinted that a Material Theme overhaul of the Files Go will be live in a few weeks. The update including the features explained above already started rolling out. You can download or update Files Go from the Play Store listing below.

Source: /r/Android