Google Files Go is now just “Files” with a new Material Theme redesign

Google Files Go is now just “Files” with a new Material Theme redesign

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For some reason, stock Android lacked a proper file manager until Google released the Files Go app last year. Third-party file managers have been popular since the early days of Android, but the OS still doesn’t ship with a full-featured first-party file manager. (The DocumentsProvider Files app has basic file management capabilities since Android 4.4 KitKat, but lacks the feature set of a full file manager.) Files Go was intended by Google more as a smart storage app than a full-featured file manager. Its primary use is to clean unwanted apps and files, and its secondary use case is to quickly transfer files offline. The app has become quite popular as it has now been downloaded 50 million times, even though it doesn’t ship as part of the default Google Apps package on most phones.

Since last year, Google has improved Files Go by adding features such as choosing the default file handler for different files, filtering for files on the SD card, tablet support, faster offline sharing, file extraction, and a media player. Now, the latest beta version of Files Go has been released, and it comes with a new name and a new design. The app is now known as “Files” instead of “Files Go,” signifying its usefulness even apart from the Android Go ecosystem. The latest beta also features the Google Material Theme, which is colloquially referred to as Material Design 2.

The new Material Theme brings the signature use of white backgrounds, new icons, and prominent use of the Google Sans font. The Material Theme redesign of Files follows the redesigns of Google Phone, Google Contacts, Google Keep notes, Android Messages, and more. There are some user interface tweaks in the new beta, but functionality appears to be the same. Users can download the latest v1.0.217251024 beta from APKMirror.

Correction – November 3, 2018: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the Google Files app lacked the functionality of allowing users to view the contents of their full storage directory. In fact, this is available on the app, and users can go to Browser > tap the top-right menu > tap on “Show storage devices” to find their storage sources at the bottom of the tab.

Via: Android Police