Google Fit gets a dark theme and new sleep charts

Google Fit gets a dark theme and new sleep charts

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Android Q is set to come with a system-wide Dark Mode and Google has been busy getting all of their apps ready for it. In fact, a lot of apps have been adding dark themes. The latest Google app to go over to the dark side is Google Fit and it also has some new sleep features.

Dark themes have been popular for a long time, but only recently has Google embraced them. Fit’s dark theme is the same as other Google apps we’ve seen. The background is dark grey, not pure black. The bottom toolbar is a slightly lighter grey. Even the map view from activities has been darkened. It’s a nice look that should match up with the rest of the system-wide Dark Mode.

Google is using this opportunity to also add new sleep features. You can connect sleep apps to Google Fit and see the charts along with your other activities. These charts allow you to see your sleep patterns over time. Sleep entries can be manually added and edited as well.

Both of these features will be rolling out to Android over the next week. Google Fit is an underrated fitness app and it continues to get better.

Source: Google